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Can Fruit Flies Bite People?

Do Not Feed on Blood
Although fruit flies quickly become nuisances when they enter homes, the insects do not bite humans because they do not feed on blood or possess the ability to pierce human skin.

Feed on Fruits
Their destruction is mostly limited to the contamination of ripe or decomposing fruits and vegetables as they have sponge-like mouthparts used to suck up liquefied plant matter.

Though fruit flies live out their entire life cycle in approximately a week, they lay hundreds of eggs during that time in the skin of ripe fruits, uncovered trash bins, and garbage disposals.

Biting Insects Commonly Mistaken For Fruit Flies

Insects like mosquitoes, black flies, and some species of midges are commonly mistaken for fruit flies due to their small size.

Not all these insects feed on blood, but all three are capable of biting humans. However, it is rare for these types of flies to infest homes.

Individuals dealing with large populations of biting flies should contact pest control services.

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