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Larval Stage of Fruit Flies

Found most commonly in homes, supermarkets, and restaurants, fruit flies can damage produce by feeding and laying eggs on ripe and overripe fruits and vegetables. They can also be found in drains, trash receptacles, on mop heads, and cleaning rags, where their presence leads to the contamination of food preparation surfaces.

The larval stage is the most physically destructive. However, it is the adult stage that spreads bacteria and other disease-causing organisms to multiple other food sources.

Commonly referred to as maggots, fruit fly larvae are small, white, and look similar to worms or grubs to the untrained eye.

Fly larvae lack legs and have no distinctive head.

The larvae prefer to live in moist environments like fresh produce, where they will go undetected until they pupate outside their host food source or reach full maturity.

Infestations of fruit fly larvae can quickly ruin food. The larvae can sometimes be accidentally ingested, which in rare cases, may lead to unexpected intestinal problems.

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