picture of a fruit fly

Common Fruit Flies

Common fruit flies (Drosophila melanogaster) attack fruits and vegetables and typically have red eyes and brown or black bodies.

Some variations do occur so that some members of the species possess white eyes and white or yellow bodies.

Another widespread species, the fig fly, is red in color with white stripes running the entire length of its body.

Some other types of fruit flies include:

  • Mexican Fruit Flies
  • Citrus Fruit Flies
  • Olive Fruit Flies
  • Caribbean Fruit Flies
  • Mediterranean Fruit Flies
  • Western Cherry Fruit Flies

Common Identifiers

Color & Shape
Since over 1,500 species of fruit flies exist, pest control specialists and scientists use color and shape to identify them. However, since the insects are so tiny, this method can be difficult.

Food They Eat
In order to make identification easier, individuals observe the particular foods fruit flies target as further means of differentiation. Of course, since all species target similar groups of food, this is also not a definitive method of identification.

Still, no matter the present species, regular cleaning routines and proper food storage techniques reduce the possibility of fruit fly infestation.

While proper sanitation is key to controlling fruit flies, out-of-hand infestations should be handled by pest control professionals.

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