Deer Mice in the House

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What Are Deer Mice?

The deer mouse is a small, hardy rodent that predominantly lives outdoors. While it may look similar to the common house mouse, these two species are only distantly related.

The pests tend to stay outside year-round, but sometimes deer mice come in houses and cohabitate with house mice around fall.

Identifying Mice

There are two ways to differentiate between a house mouse and a deer mouse, and the simplest is by coloration. House mice are brownish gray with a gray underbelly. Deer mice, however, have light to dark brown backs and all-white underbellies and feet.

Another method of identification is noticing where they live. Deer mice in the house tend to stick to the upper levels, leaving the ground floor and basement for house mice.

How Do Deer Mice Get in the House?

Because of their size and agility, deer mice have no trouble entering homes. They are expert climbers and jumpers, using utility lines and overgrown tree branches to make their way to upper levels.

While downstairs, they can squeeze through cracks and crevices as small as one quarter inch wide.

Damage and Risks

One of the downfalls of having a deer mouse in the house is that this pest hoards food. Caches of seeds and nuts hidden in walls attract other unwelcome pests like rats and squirrels.

In addition, deer mice are known to chew up insulation and upholstery for use as nesting material and are capable of spreading hantavirus, babesiosis, and Lyme disease to people.

Deer Mouse Removal

To get rid of deer mice in the house, seal cracks in the foundations and around where pipes enter walls.

Since a deer mouse will be attracted to crumbs and sugary liquid spills, make sure these are cleaned up immediately and that garbage cans are sealed tightly.

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