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What is a Field Mouse Exactly?

While the term can cause confusion, a field mouse is simply any species of mouse found outside the home.

There is also a type of vole that may be erroneously called a meadow or field mouse, but those rodents are not actually mice at all.

Instead, field mouse refers to deer mice or white-footed mice.

What Do Field Mouse Droppings Look Like?

Field mouse droppings are usually shiny black or brown in color, turning grey and dull as they age.

They are only about one eighth to one fourth of an inch in length. Another way to determine if the droppings belong to a deer mouse or white-footed mouse is to see if the ends are pointed.

Other rodents, including rats, tend to have droppings with blunted ends.

Problems Associated with Droppings

The most concerning aspect associated with deer and white-footed mouse poop is disease.

Field mouse droppings are capable of carrying the dangerous Hantavirus. Like with other rodent droppings, field mouse feces can easily contaminate food and preparation surfaces.

How Hantavirus Spreads

The problematic disease can cause hantavirus pulmonary syndrome, or HPS.

When dried urine and droppings are broken up or become airborne as dust particles, people get infected by breathing in the deadly virus.

Other ways homeowners can be infected is simply coming into contact with field mouse droppings or urine and then touching their nose, mouth, or eyes. Though rarer, some can get HPS by being bitten by an infected field mouse.

Controlling and Removing Field Mice

Field mouse droppings are a sure sign that an infestation is present in the home.

  • Exclusion: To avoid allowing these pests to come inside, plugging and sealing all possible entry points is a necessity.
  • Sanitation & Traps: Proper sanitation also helps, as can store-bought traps.

Call the Professionals
Nevertheless, traps require attention and clean up, which means touching dead field mice, further risking spread of infection.

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