Field Mouse in the House & Walls

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Why is There a Field Mouse in the House?

Sometimes field mice simply can’t resist the allure of a human home with its warmth, access to food, and lack of predators, especially after the fall begins.

Hiding Spots
Hiding places are important too, and living behind walls provides plenty of cover for the cold winter season. When homeowners have a field mouse in the house, it won’t be long before there is a field mouse in the walls, as well.

Disease and Contamination

Field mice in houses will try to stay out of the way, but their presence still poses danger.

The pests carry many diseases that can be transmitted to people even without direct contact.

Droppings, urine, and fur will contaminate floors, cabinets, and food, acting as an unwelcome calling card and conduit for infection.

When inside walls, these signs can go unnoticed until symptoms start to develop.

Ease of Access

Since they’re so tiny, field mice only need a quarter inch size gap to squeeze through a wall.

Common entry points include:

  • Holes made for pipes and cables
  • Vents
  • Small foundation cracks
  • Worn siding

Even the gap under a door can be enough to let a field mouse in the house. This makes mouse-proofing difficult.

Signs of a Field Mouse in the Walls

Homeowners will often hear the scratching sounds of field mice in walls. This can come from their travels back and forth, but it might also be the result of chewing.

Mice have to gnaw to grind down their constantly growing teeth. There is nothing behind a wall that mice should be chewing on, and the danger ratchets up several notches if they start in on electrical wires and support beams.

Keeping Them Out

To dissuade field mice from taking an interest in houses and walls, it may be necessary to fill in the holes they use to gain access.

Standard plastic and rubberized filler material won’t work because the animals can chew through it. Small spaces can be plugged with wire or copper mesh and cement.

Fill larger openings with wads of steel wool or metal screen sealed over with caulk or cement.

Assured Protection

Due to the animals’ small size, sharp teeth, and climbing ability, even the most dedicated amateur can come up short in blocking field mice from a home.

For a measured, results-oriented approach to control and exclusion, contact the professionals at Western Pest.

They have knowledge, techniques, and equipment to make sure field mice in the wall or house are eliminated and don’t come back.

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