Moisture Control

Western’s Vaporshield Moisture Control System

Moisture Control Overview

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What’s the Problem with Moisture?

When it comes to excess moisture, your home’s crawlspace is at serious risk.

Moisture in the crawlspace can cause a domino effect of problems, starting with mold and mildew. Rot and decay will eventually set in and damage the structural integrity of your home.

Moisture-related problems in your crawlspace are one of the most serious threats to the value of your home, and must be dealt with properly.

Additionally, where there is excess moisture, you will more than likely find bacteria and pests. Yes, we said pests. Pests thrive in dark and damp areas, and can cause major problems to your health and your home.

We Have the Solution

Western Pest Services has an effective way to protect your home from excess moisture and the possible structural and emotional damage that could result.

Western’s VaporShield™ Moisture Control System can control the humidity in your crawlspace which helps stop wood decay. As a result, it reduces a condition conducive to pest infestations.

How Western’s Vaporshield Works.

Western Pest Services has the experience and education to do the job right the first time. Western’s VaporShield™ reduces the humidity and moisture in your crawlspace of your home with a dehumidifier and condensation pump.

As a result, mold, mildew, and wood decay can be prevented in an effective, and environmentally safe process. Western will be there to protect your home from further complications and give periodic check-ups for added assurance.

Our Process

  1. A very detailed inspection.
  2. Liquid treatment where necessary.
  3. Encapsulation of the crawlspace.
  4. Install dehumidifier and condensation pump, if required.
  5. Install and setup sensor monitor.
  6. Periodic inspections.

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