Are Mosquitoes Nocturnal?

side view of a mosquito

Are Mosquitoes Active at Night?

Many species of mosquitoes are active at night, especially from dusk until dawn. However, some varieties, like the Asian tiger mosquito, may appear and bite humans in broad daylight.

Why Do Mosquitoes Come Out at Night?

In general, these pests prefer to feed when the air is cool and calm. Nocturnal mosquitoes hide in dark spaces during the day, while those less adverse to daylight often favor the hours just after sunrise and before sunset to feed.

Are Mosquitoes Nocturnal Insects?

Only a few types of mosquitoes thrive in the daytime. Fortunately, these species are uncommon in urban areas. When mosquitoes are active at night, they find either animal or human hosts through a combination of carbon dioxide and body heat.

Using repellents in addition to wearing long sleeves and pants after dusk helps prevent bites when mosquitoes come out at night. The pests can transmit diseases as they take blood from a host, so it’s important to deter mosquitoes whenever possible.

Preventing Mosquitoes

Homeowners can help reduce the number of mosquitoes active at night by draining any stagnant rainwater around the house. Without a source of still water, the pests won’t deposit their eggs. Contact the professionals at Western Pest Services if mosquito infestations occur near homes or yards.