Do Mosquitoes Bite Dogs?

image of a mosquito

Dogs and Mosquitoes

The threat of disease transmission between mosquitoes and humans is quite clear. However, many people don’t consider problems associated with these insects feeding on pets. They may even ask questions like, do dogs get bit by mosquitoes? In fact, mosquitoes can be a serious issue when they carry parasites fatal to animals such as heartworm.

Do Mosquitoes Bite Dogs Outside?

Dogs do get bit by mosquitoes, especially when pets play outdoors around dusk. One of the biggest issues in mosquito interaction with animals is the transfer of heartworms. These parasites attack a dog’s vascular system and make it hard for the body to circulate blood.

Dogs with thick coats may receive less bites than those that have short hair, but all pets are at risk. Mosquitoes are experts at finding areas where hair is thin such as the ears, belly or nose. Other problems that occur when mosquitoes bite dogs include excessive itching, loss of sleep, and allergic reactions.

Protecting Pets

The best way for homeowners to stop mosquitoes from biting dogs is to keep their pets indoors. Because this isn’t always feasible, it may be necessary to call pest experts to reduce insect populations. Western Pest Services has the right tools to control mosquitos around the home and lawn.