image of a mosquito

Mosquitoes Indoors

During warm months, mosquitoes lay eggs pools of water both large and small. As pest populations grow, homeowners may find that these outdoor insects move inside as well. Dealing with mosquitoes in the house can be just as much of a nuisance as managing them in the yard.

How Do Mosquitoes Get Into the House?

Since most species of the pests don’t breed indoors, finding a mosquito in a house suggests a nearby infestation. These insects can fly through open doors and broken window screens or crawl in through wall cracks. People also carry mosquitoes inside on their clothes after spending time outdoors.


Once inside, mosquitoes in homes do not cause property damage. However, people are often not on guard against these pests indoors, so they can feed without worrying about repellents. Unfortunately, mosquito bites are more than just annoying. As they feed on blood, these insects can infect humans with West Nile Virus and other diseases.

Controlling Mosquitoes in the House

Any amount of stagnant water in the yard could provide a home for mosquitoes. To keep the pests from coming indoors, property owners should look at ways to control breeding sites outside to remove standing water such as:

  • Empyting barrels or flower pots
  • Cleaning gutters and sewer drains
  • Removing lawn debris, such as tires
  • Drilling holes in contained areas, such as flower pots or tire swings

Mosquito Removal

The best way to get rid of mosquitoes in houses is to take away their outdoor habitat. Pest removal specialists are often the most efficient option. For help with mosquitoes, go to the professionals at Western Pest Services.