image of mosquito larvae

What Does Mosquito Larvae Look Like?

Mosquito eggs need water to develop into larvae, though the pests don’t let this detail slow them down. Adult females will deposit their young in almost any source of standing water, including birdbaths, ponds, and clogged gutters. Some species even lay eggs on moist soil or plants. After contact with water, eggs hatch into mosquito larvae.

Mosquito larvae in water look like small, hairy worms. These young pests use quick, wriggling motions to move and stay close to the surface for air. Larvae become larger after each molt until they pupate to transform into adults.

What Do Mosquito Larvae Eat?

Mosquito larvae eat living things, such as algae, that form in pools and puddles. Their fan-like mouth parts aid in feeding. They also sometimes prey on each other for protein. Unlike their adult form, mosquito larvae don’t bite humans or drink blood.

Preventing Mosquitoes

Because mosquito larvae will hatch in almost any still water, it is important to deny the insects an easy breeding ground. Make sure that drainage systems are in good repair and be sure to empty rainwater in flower pots, tires, and other yard debris after a storm.

If prevention measures fail, homeowners may need to seek more direct control methods. Some treatments target mosquito larvae in water before they hatch into adults. Western Pest Services can find the most effective option to reduce mosquito populations in any yard.