Male vs. Female Mosquitoes

picture of mosquitoes

Which Mosquito Bites: Male or Female?

The main difference between male and female mosquitoes is their diet. While both eat plant nectar, only females take blood meals. They need the protein to produce eggs.

To feed, female mosquitoes pierce human skin with their mouth parts. This bite leaves behind an itchy, red welt.

What Are Some Other Differences Between Male and Female Mosquitoes?


Though it’s not apparent without a microscope, there is a difference in male vs. female mosquito appearance. Males have feathery antennae that aid in attracting mates. Female antennae only have a few bristles.


The average male mosquito life span is shorter than that of the female. While males live a few weeks at most, female mosquitoes can survive for months.

Controlling Infestations

When it comes to infestations, female mosquitoes cause the most damage. Their ability to lay eggs, live longer, and drink human blood makes them annoying to people. They also spread diseases to humans and pets through their bites.

If homeowners notice male or female mosquitoes on their property, there are bound to be more of the pests nearby. The proper response is to contact the experts Western Pest Services.