picture of mosquito swarm

With diverse habitats and plenty of water, Northeast states appeal to many mosquito species. While most are harmless, others can create a nuisance or a health risk when they appear near homes. Several types of mosquitoes are not able locally.

Different Types of Mosquitoes in the Mid-Atlantic Region


Aedes mosquitoes are usually the first to emerge after winter. They lay eggs in cavities filled with water, like old tires, tree stumps, and logs. Asian tiger mosquitoes, a member of this genus, frequent urban landscapes and are also one of the few mosquito species that feed during the day.


Because this type of mosquito prefers the blood of mammals, pests in the Anopheles genus are vectors of malaria throughout the world. Although cases of the illness in the U.S. are rare, they do happen. The pests eat and rest indoors or outside.


The Culex mosquito may transmit West Nile virus to people. These pests lay their eggs on the surface of pools, ponds, storm drains, and outdoor debris. Homeowners often find one specific mosquito species, the house mosquito, around yards or over-wintering in sewers and basements.

Getting Rid of Mosquitoes

Control of different types of mosquitoes is vital to prevent the spread of disease. Dealing withstanding water helps to limit mosquito problems, but sometimes the only solutions are professional treatments. Contact the team at Western Pest Services for an expert assessment.