Where Do Mosquitoes Live?

asian tiger mosquito image

Mosquito Habitat

Mosquito bodies change drastically while developing from an egg into an adult. As a result, these pests require different conditions to survive throughout their life cycle. However, one thing a mosquito habitat almost always includes is a water supply.

Where Do Mosquitoes Live as Eggs and Larvae?

Mosquitoes lay their eggs in standing water. In the wild, this can include ponds and swamps. In a neighborhood, the pests search for places where water collects. Old tires, bird baths, wheelbarrows, and clogged gutters make perfect mosquito habitats. After eggs hatch, larval mosquitoes live in the water until they mature.

Where Do Mosquitoes Live as Adults?

Once mosquito larvae pupate, they emerge as winged adults. Though they can fly long distances to feed, typically, mosquitoes live close to the water in which their life began. Staying near potential breeding sites also helps these pests to grow quickly in number.

Daytime Hideouts

Because most mosquitoes are active at night, people usually notice the insects when they feed. So, where do mosquitoes live during the day? Places that stay damp but also provide cover from rain, such as leaf litter, make an ideal mosquito habitat.


Mosquito habitats maybe hard to remove entirely, as nearly any source of water can serve as a breeding ground for these disease-carrying insects. In addition, the pests reproduce rapidly. Some species undergo their entire life cycle within a week. To handle an out-of-control infestation, contact Western Pest Services.