indian meal moth image

Moths in the House

These destructive pests can fly into homes through doors or windows. However, pantry and clothes moths usually get indoors with in infested food products or fabrics. Once inside, moths in the house contaminate food and damage clothing.

Pantry Moths vs.Clothes Moths

Pantry moths lay their eggs inside flour and grain products. When the eggs hatch, larvae have plenty of food around them to grow and develop. Similarly, clothes moths in closets and attics produce larvae that leave holes in wool, fur, or felt items as they feed.

Preventing Moth Infestations

Infested food items and used clothing are usually to blame for moth infestations. Careful inspection of these products prevents most moth infestations. Other useful practices include storing food in glass containers and dry cleaning wool items regularly.

Safe Removal

Using pesticides to deal with moths in the closet or pantry can cause problems for homeowners. Many of these chemicals are harmful to humans and pets if used incorrectly, so they can be dangerous around food. Contact the specialists at Western Pest Services for help removing moth infestations.