picture of a norway rat

Unwelcome Norway Rats in Yards

Norway rats are usually feared as a potential home invader. As it turns out, they can be problematic when they live in and around yards as well.

These pests cause structural damage by digging tunnels, which undermine foundations, patios, and sidewalks. Their gnawing of underground wires and pipes poses an unseen danger as well.

Plus, the yard is still close enough to humans to pose a threat of disease.

Burrow Building

Norway rats wait out daylight hours in ground-level burrows they dig and line with shredded items from the backyard, like cardboard, leaves, and insulation.

Burrows may be located:

  • Near walls
  • Along fences
  • Next to buildings
  • Under bushes and debris

Norway rats in the yard then become active as the sun goes down and begin their nightly search for food and water.

Hard to Catch

A Norway rat in the yard is constantly exploring to learn about its environment.

These pests are capable of memorizing the locations of:

  • Convenient pathways to food
  • Obstacles to avoid
  • Shelter for safe rest

This allows them to quickly detect anything new, such as bait or traps, making them that much harder to control.

Climbing Threat

In addition to strong digging ability, excellent climbing skills mean that Norway rats in yards are always threatening to come inside homes.

To curb climbing on buildings:

  • Walls should be completely free of any ivy growth.
  • All tree limbs should be trimmed back so they are at least six feet away from the perimeter of structures.

Prevention and Exclusion

  • Food Sources: Eliminating food supplies hits Norway rats where they live, so it might prompt them to find a new home.
  • Garbage: Because household garbage is like a buffet to the pests, keep it securely stored inside a metal can with a tight lid. Plastic trash receptacles are ineffective, because a rat can chew right through them.

Professional Norway Rat Control

Professional removal is the guaranteed way to get rid of Norway rats in the yard. It also keeps them from spreading and prevents them from returning.

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