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Types of Silverfish Damage

Though they are some of the most innocuous pest invaders, silverfish are capable of causing very specific destruction in homes.

They eat dry substances, particularly those rich in protein, sugar, or starch, including:

  • Pet food
  • Cereal
  • Pasta
  • Dead insects
  • Paper
  • Paste

As such, silverfish often target wallpaper and book bindings.

Since they have weak mandibles and cannot actually bite, the pests scrape at their food. This method of feeding results in the creation of irregularly shaped holes spaced out in chaotic patterns along the surfaces of silverfish food sources.

Identification & Removal

Common Habitats
Since silverfish require heat and humidity to survive, they congregate in bathrooms, basements, crawl spaces, wall voids, under kitchen sinks, and in laundry rooms. Silverfish damage is likely to be most apparent in these places.

Since their consumption of wallpaper and book bindings causes property damage, it is important to remove these pests at the first sign of silverfish activity.

Call the Experts
As many commercially available methods of silverfish control are unreliable, individuals should contact a professional pest control service to eliminate infestation problems.

Pest specialists also have the ability to locate moisture problems that entice the pests, which helps prevent future issues with silverfish.

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