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DIY Methods & Common Silverfish Traps

Silverfish are found in moist areas around homes, where they destroy books and wallpaper and pick at stored foods. Homeowners can combat the presence of these insects by laying out traps.

Types of Silverfish Traps
Since silverfish cannot fly and must scuttle across the ground, sticky traps are a means of catching individual specimens and reducing overall numbers.

Small glass jars with masking tape wrapped around the outside make viable homemade traps because silverfish are not able to climb the slick surface of the jar’s interior and become trapped once they fall inside.

Why You Need a Professional

Traps Aren’t Enough
While these DIY traps can catch silverfish, the pests are capable of surviving several weeks to a few months without food and water. Therefore, simply ensnaring them is not enough.

Bigger Problems
Furthermore, large populations of silverfish point to more pressing issues in homes, such as the presence of leaky pipes or improper drainage. If the underlying moisture issues are not resolved, homeowners are likely to face a resurgence of silverfish even after successfully trapping significant numbers of the insects.

Call the Professionals
For a more effective solution, the pest control specialists at Western Pest manage all aspects of silverfish presence, from trapping and removing the insects to addressing the cause of infestations.

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