picture of a yellow jacket

Types of Yellow Jacket Nests

The Mid-Atlantic states are home to many kinds of yellow jackets, including those that build aerial nests, those with ground colonies, and many that will live in either place. The insects are easily provoked, so a yellow jacket nest near the house or yard may lead to serious problems.

Identifying Aerial Yellow Jacket Nests

Some local yellow jacket species, such as bald-faced hornets and aerial yellow jackets, prefer to live high above the ground. Common nesting sites include tree branches and around the eaves of homes. Since many colonies have thousands of workers, aerial yellow jacket nests can be massive.

Recognizing Yellow Jacket Nests in the Ground

Downy, German, and eastern yellow jackets are common area species in the ground-nesting category. While the pests often live in animal burrows in lawns, they may also build yellow jacket nests in wall voids, attics, sheds, or dense shrubs.

The pests construct their homes from materials like plant fiber, rotting wood, and string. Most nests are either partly or completely concealed, so spotting them can be hard. People with yellow jacket nests in the walls may hear buzzing sounds or see the insects emerge from the house exterior.

Nest Removal

Getting rid of a yellow jacket nest is dangerous work. Some measures, such as sealing entry points into homes, can even make the problem worse. Pests trapped in an attic or wall void may seek escape by flying into living spaces.

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