Tips: How to Remove Stinks Bugs from the Home

Stink Bug Removal Methods

Once stink bugs have invaded the home, use a vacuum cleaner to remove the insects; simply catching and crushing the pests will lead to the release of the eponymous smell, which is difficult to eliminate.

Certain types of beetle traps may also work on stink bugs, as well, but will not eliminate all of the pests. Removing a large, established infestation or having exclusion work done to prevent stink bugs from entering the home may require the services of a professional pest control specialist.

How to Find Stink Bugs

Where Do Stink Bugs Hide or Live in the House?
When the temperatures spiral downward in the fall and winter, stink bugs actively begin to seek comfortable, safe places to overwinter. Unfortunately, our homes present an ideal location for just this.

Warmth and shelter are what humans seek to make the winter go by more comfortably and stink bugs essentially do the same.

It’s important to know where you’re most likely to discover these pests throughout your home.

  • Siding: In the fall, you’ll find them scampering along the sides of your house, getting ready to make their grand entrance.
  • Windows: Windowsills and curtains are a popular gathering place for these pests to hang out once inside the home.
  • Storage: They can be found in attics, closets and wall voids, where they will find a warm and tight place to make themselves feel at home.
  • Hiding: Tiny places you wouldn’t think to find them, such as exhaust fans and fireplaces.

What to Do If You Find a Stink Bug

Handling Stink Bugs
Stink bugs are small and often creep into homes unnoticed, so it is important to know what to do when you encounter one.

  • Do not squish them! This will only lead to the imminent release of a terrible odor that will leave you wishing you had let this pest live instead of take up space inside your home.

When feeling threatened or when pulverized, stink bugs discharge a foul odor.

How to Get Rid of Stink Bugs


  • Vacuum: It is best to designate a small, handheld vacuum to the removal of these pests because they can ruin the vacuum you use for everyday cleaning.
  • Disposal: If you find one, gently pick it up and wrap it with a towel or napkin and place it in the trash or flush down the toilet. Do not release them outdoors since they might find their way back to your home.

Unfortunately, once stink bugs have made their way inside your home for the winter, it becomes rather difficult to get them to leave.

On a rare, warm, sunny day during the winter you will find them scurrying around your home in an attempt to soak up some rays. This is when you need to approach these pests in the right way.

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