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Summertime is Stink Bug Prevention Time

Waiting Until There is a Problem
One of the biggest mistakes people make when it comes to stink bugs is waiting until they are visible to do something about them.

Homeowners tend to wait until they see–and smell–stink bugs inside their homes before taking action. Often, this isn’t until September or October when stink bug activity peaks and they begin migrating inside en masse to seek warmth and sheltered places to overwinter.

By then, control becomes more difficult due to the season, their ability to stay hidden, and their sheer numbers. You just may spend your winter cleaning up bugs, rather than eliminating them from getting inside in the first place.

Prevention is Key
The best way to deal with potential stink bug infestations is to head them off before they occur. Due to the way that stink bugs seek out winter habitats, eliminating them can be extremely difficult.

However, there are several things you can do during the summer to dramatically reduce the possibility that stink bugs will enter your home this fall.

Stink Bug Inspection and Maintenance

Prevent Entry
As with many types of pests, stink bug prevention begins with a thorough inspection of your home and property, both inside and out.

Inspections will determine areas where stink bugs may find entry to or take harbor. By identifying these areas early in the summer, you can allow yourself ample opportunity to complete any needed repairs or changes.

Use the summer months to attend to identified problem areas such as:

  • Doors & Windows: Poorly sealed doors and windows.
  • Screen Damage: Torn or otherwise damaged screens in doors and windows.
  • Loose Siding: Find and replace or repair any loose, damaged, or missing siding.
  • Gaps & Cracks: Gaps and cracks in both interior and exterior walls

Chimneys are often identified as potential entry points, as well as:

  • Cable entry points
  • Window air conditioners
  • Garage-door seals that are torn or decayed
  • Gable vents where screens are torn or poorly fitting

Pest-control professionals can provide some assistance with basic sealing of external entry points, but for most home repairs and pest-control maintenance projects, completion falls to the homeowner.

Western recommends hiring professionals to complete complex projects to ensure they are done correctly and to minimize any risk to you with activities such as climbing up ladders or onto roofs.

Use of Stink Bug Control Materials

When to Treat
Summertime is also a good time for initial use of pest-control material. Stink bugs typically lay eggs from June to August and as young bugs, they are more susceptible to pest-control materials.

Early and frequent applications may help reduce many outdoor stink bugs before they can become mature adults and lay more eggs. This should significantly reduce the number of adults that remain to potentially overwinter in your home.

Plant removal
The warmer months may also be a good time to tackle removal of any plants that tend to harbor stink bugs. This may not be ideal, particularly if it means tearing up some of your favorite ornamental plants.

There are many plants that attract stink bugs; however, with the help of a lawn professional, effective pest-control materials may pay dividends during the egg-laying season without harming your landscape.

Consult a Professional
A lawn professional can offer suggestions on less bug-friendly foliage and help with removal of plants that may encourage feeding and egg-laying in the spring, when stink bugs emerge from their winter hiding places.

This approach may be labor-intensive, but it could help alleviate next year’s potential problems long before they ever come to light.

Start Preventing Fall Stink Bugs Now

Call the Experts
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