Do Termites Have Wings?

All termites do not fly, though a few key members of the colony have this ability. The worker termites that damage homes do not have wings, but alates are capable of flight. These reproductive termites have wings and use them to participate in large mating swarms.

Swarmer Termite on Fabric

Do Termites Fly in Homes?

Homeowners may notice groups of these winged insects near light sources in the spring. While it is more common to have flying termites outdoors, finding these pests inside is a sure sign of home infestation. In addition to spotting alates, residents may notice the insects’ shed wings on floors or by windows.

Fallen Termite Wings

Winged Termite vs. Flying Ant

People often confuse winged termites with flying ants, but the pests have some differences in appearance. While a termite has wings of equal sizes and a broad waist, an ant has a narrow midsection and its two pairs of wings are different sizes.

Getting Rid of Flying Termites

When they first discover an infestation, many people are unsure what to do. All termites fly or crawl into yards and homes from their colonies, so dealing with a hidden nest or preventing one from forming is a vital part of control.

Unfortunately, this can be difficult for homeowners without help. Contacting a professional is the best way to solve termite problems, especially when the colony is ready to reproduce. The experts at Western Pest Services have the right tools to combat infestations.