Are Termites Active in Winter?

Image of a Termite

Where Do Termites Go in Winter?

Termites are hard pests to locate under the best conditions, but winter can make spotting them even tougher. Subterranean termites wait for the warmth of spring to begin their mating swarms. This is when the insects are most visible. In colder months, they stay hidden underground for warmth.

Do Termites Hibernate?

Though outdoor colonies may stop laying eggs and do less damage in winter, termites do not hibernate. Workers continue to build mud tubes and fan out from the nest in search of food. However, they won’t stray as far during cold weather, preferring to be close to the protection of the colony.

Are Termites Active in Winter in Homes?

While freezing conditions slow these pests down, a heated home can have a big impact on daily activity. Foundations, walls, and soil around the house stay warm enough that the termite activity within may not change at all during winter. Tunneling and structural damage continue unchecked.

All-Weather Termite Solutions

Since termites are active in winter, regular pest inspection is just as vital during colder months. A visit from Western Pest Services can catch a termite problem early, avoiding long-term damage. Those who suspect an infestation should contact their local branch for help.