Termite Treatment Cost

picture of termites

Benefits of Termite Inspections

No one wants to deal with the hassle or expense of a termite problem. The best way to avoid spending large amounts of money on treatment and repairs is to budget for regular inspections that stop the pests early on.

How Much Does a Termite Treatment Cost?

While termite inspection costs are free, treatments depend on several factors that affect the cost of termite treatments. When setting aside funds for prevention, keep the following in mind:

Type of Foundation

The material and setup of foundations can both affect termite treatment costs. For example, unfinished basements with exposed sill plates and joists or windows are more open to infestation. Closed crawl space, concrete slab-on-ground, or floating slab foundations may also allow termites into areas that are difficult to reach. These structures require extra attention.

Construction Type

Termites can spread easily through certain kinds of homes. Wood panel and timber frame structures are most at risk for infestation, with plenty of places for structural pests to expand their reach.

Size of Home

It takes time to thoroughly check a larger home for termite activity. Homeowners with a lot of square footage should prepare to pay more for prevention due to treatment time and material cost.

Termite Activity

Ideally, inspection will reveal a termite-free house. Of course, if an infestation is present, residents will have to take steps to get rid of the pests. The cost of control depends on how serious the problem at hand has become.

Preferred Treatment

In addition to inspections, Western offers a number of preventative plans and control options. Depending on the home and its conditions, treatment options may include soil treatments around the perimeter of the home or baits set at specific areas outside (and possibly inside) the home.

No matter the level of intervention needed, Western Pest Services has homeowners covered with effective and affordable termite solutions.