Termites vs. Cockroaches

picture of termites

Differences Between Termites and Cockroaches

Recently, scientists added termites to the same biological order as cockroaches. Although they are now part of the family, most termite habitats and traits are not the same as those of cockroaches. For homeowners, identification is the first step to controlling these insects.

Termite vs. Cockroach Location

While cockroaches and termites both invade homes, they hide in different places. The most common termite species in the U.S. nests underground. These insects create mud tubes allowing them to travel into homes. Wood that touches the ground is an open invitation for the pests.

On the other hand, cockroaches prefer humid areas near a food source. The pests often rest in dark, hidden crevices within kitchens or bathrooms during the day. Damp laundry rooms and leaky faucets will also attract cockroaches.

Termite vs. Cockroach Eating Habits

The termites diet includes wood, paper, and similar items that contain cellulose. Colonies function by sending out workers to locate and consume a meal, which they transport back to the nest.

In contrast to termites, cockroaches feed on whatever food crumbs, smears, and splatters they can find. Areas behind appliances and other seldom-cleaned places are popular cockroach hangouts.

Termite vs. Cockroach Problems

Cockroaches forage through garbage and then pollute everything they walk on or touch. In addition, the insects produce proteins linked to allergies and asthma. Cockroach waste and cast-off skins can trigger a reaction in people sensitive to them.

Structural damage is the main issue with termites. Since the pests eat wood from the inside, their activities may go unnoticed for years. Termite colonies grow as their destruction spreads further into a home. Long-term infestations can easily cost thousands of dollars in repairs.

Controlling Termites or Cockroaches

These insects may be related,but the problems caused by termites vs. cockroaches are distinctly different. Homeowners worried about the health risks of cockroaches or building damage from termites should call the experts at Western Pest Services for help with removal.