Do It Yourself Pest Control: Problems & Dangers

Common DIY Problems

One of the biggest mistakes homeowners make when it comes to pest control comes down to do-it-yourself solutions gone awry.

Baits, Traps & Pesticides

Oftentimes, the very pest he or she is trying to eliminate or prevent is actually drawn indoors more-so through the use of misplaced baits and/or traps.

“The pesticides you buy over-the-counter may kill them, but it could then drive those pests that survive into other parts of the home,”
– Todd Henches, West Orange, NJ Branch Manager

When dealing with pesticides and baits/traps, it is 100% necessary to be trained in the use of chemicals and to understand what the repercussions could be for you and your family. Henches says:

“I think there is a level of embarrassment and desire to save money when it comes to those homeowners who choose DIY over calling a professional.”

Pests can make their way into any home. The negative connotations associated with a possible pest issue should not hinder a homeowner from reaching out to a pest control company that will handle the problem most efficiently and professionally.

DIY solutions are not a quick fix, and can potentially cause even more of a headache. Reach out when you need help to receive professional insight and solutions.

Experience Matters

When it comes to pest control, expertise is important – not just because it’s the fastest way to eliminate pests, but because it’s critical to controlling pests safely.

Too often, we uncover botched DIY pest control attempts that ultimately result in a call for professional help.

While that’s concerning from a pest control perspective, and can cost homeowners more money in the long run, it is even more upsetting when the methods attempted put homeowners at risk for harm.

“Once I went to a property where I found mouse traps all around on the kitchen floor. Then I saw a four-year-old running around…fortunately their fingers didn’t get caught in one of the traps, which could easily break a bone.”
– Sal Presti, NJ Regional Sales Manager

Presti says it is very common to find homes where people have wildly overdone pesticide applications,

“People will set off a fogger in the attic, and meanwhile be sleeping in the bedroom downstairs, not following directions. You’re dealing with chemicals, and you have to treat them that way,”

Overreaction to a pest problem is not helpful, especially when dealing with pesticides.

Potential Problems

Other instances of misdirected DIY are less dire…for example, using traps to kill ants but never identifying their source (In most cases, this means that ants will return.)

Knowledge is the most powerful form of pest control, so before covering your home in traps, consider turning to a professional who is certified to keep family members and pets safe and sound.

Dangers of DIY

The DIY pest control market is strong, with homeowners seeking ways to manage pest control needs on their own. Home pest control remedies aren’t always effective, however, so it is important to consider the long-term cost when thinking about DIY.

“We sometimes see cases where people end up spending more time and money on DIY pest control attempts gone wrong than if they had just called a professional in the first place.” – Mark Froio, Residential Division Sales Manager.

DIY pest control can in the worst cases be dangerous.

There are instances, Froio says, where people have burned down their homes or harmed or killed others when using pest control materials and methods that they don’t understand.

Many times, people also over-apply pest control materials, which can be dangerous to the occupants of the home. Froio explains,

“Our industry holds employees to strict regulations and puts them through extensive training. There’s a reason for that. Spraying along baseboards and the like is very 1980s, but some people think that’s what needs to be done in order to get control.”

If you are unsure how to handle your pest control problem, Western is here to help.

Beyond addressing your immediate pest control needs, we’ll help you understand the pest prevention and exclusion techniques, both indoors and out, that lead to more effective solutions.

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