Ventilation and Moisture Barriers

Problems with Moisture

To prevent problems, moisture levels in your crawl space should be kept at less than 20%, with humidity levels between 54-64%.

Moisture creates a breeding ground for pests like the American Cockroach, not to mention harmful mold and mildew that can lead to wood rot and structural damage.

Western’s moisture-control solutions help you fight back. Combining proven moisture-repelling technology that ensures proper circulation, we help you keep dangerous conditions from emerging while identifying any existing damage.

And now – with Western’s Vaporshield – you can choose a total encapsulation program that provides unprecedented crawlspace protection.

Western’s Vaporshield Moisture Control Program

Protect your home from the inside out. Western’s Vaporshield Moisture Control Program is a proven way to control moisture within your crawlspace, offering total encapsulation for heavy-duty moisture control.

Using a combination dehumidifier and condensation pump (based on the unique conditions at your property), Western’s Vaporshield features a remote sensor, allowing you to monitor conditions from your living quarters, 24/7.

Supported by periodic check-ups from your Western moisture prevention experts, the process includes:

  • A detailed inspection
  • Wood treatment where necessary
  • Complete crawlspace encapsulation
  • Installation of a dehumidifier and condensation pump, as needed
  • Installation of your remote sensor monitor
  • Periodic inspections to ensure optimal performance

Don’t let moisture erode your home. Western’s Vaporshield protects your home from the ground up.

Western’s Moisture Control Program

The biggest culprit in creating an unhealthy crawlspace is moisture – it encourages mold, mildew, and pests to thrive inside your home.

Luckily, Western’s Moisture Control Program works to combat these issues and keep you and your family safe from these potentially harmful moisture-related circumstances.

Our program includes:

  • A detailed inspection
  • Liquid treatment where necessary
  • Removal of crawl space debris
  • Installation of crawl space polyethylene moisture barriers, preventing moisture-rich soil from attacking the wood in your home
  • Installation of Western’s Temp Vents©, which open and close according to outside temperatures and promote healthy air circulation within your crawl space
  • Crawl access door inspections and replacements as needed

Devise the right moisture-control program for your home and contact Western for a free home moisture assessment.

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