Summer Pest Control Tips

Is Your Backyard an Insect Oasis? Minimize Tick and Mosquito Risk

Nothing ruins a family BBQ like a swarm of blood-thirsty pests. No, not vampires…ticks and mosquitoes!

We all know mosquitoes and ticks love the summer weather as much as we do, and how they make their presence felt.

They best way to rid your yard of these unwanted guests is to never attract them to begin with.

How Can I Prepare My Yard to Keep Mosquitoes Out?

Mosquitoes require water to breed. Adult mosquitoes lay their eggs in stagnant water around your yard. By eliminating these water sources, you can keep swarms of mosquitoes from taking over.

Keep mosquitoes from breeding:

  • Stagnant Water: Regularly dump out buckets, cans, bird feeders, or similar items that could contain water.
  • Drainage: Drill holes on the bottom of your garbage cans to avoid pooling water or simply keep lids on the cans so they do not accumulate water.
  • Gutters: Keep your gutter tidy and unclogged; make sure water doesn’t stand in the gutters.
  • Pools: If you have a swimming pool, keep it clean and chlorinated.
  • Litter: Keep your property free of any litter that can hold water. Old tires are one of the best containers for mosquito development.
  • Landscaping: Make sure your landscaping is properly maintained.

Ticks Are a Danger to My Family. How Can I Keep My Yard Safe This Summer?

Ticks are not only disconcerting; they can be dangerous. Your blood is their preferred food, and in the process of feeding, they can transmit Lyme disease. If not properly treated, Lyme disease can linger on for years with very negative side effects. (Learn more on the CDC page for Lyme disease.)

Minimize tick infestations and keep your family safe:

  • Grass: Eliminate high grass by mowing your lawn frequently.
  • Litter: Keep your yard clean. Ticks love hiding in piles of leaves, sticks, and any shady spot.
  • Repellents: Use repellents. Check out the CDC’s website for up-to-date information on repellent recommendations.
  • Trim Foliage: Trim the trees and bushes around your yard.
  • Pest Management: Invest in a targeted tick management program, like that offered by Western.
  • Examine: When outdoors in or near woods, frequently check for the presence of ticks on your skin and clothing. Remove ticks as soon as they are observed.

Mosquitoes and ticks are not only annoying, but dangerous. If not properly handled, they could put you and your family at risk. If you feel like your yard is being taken over, don’t hesitate to call the professionals at Western Pest Services.

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