Bat Noises

Although bats are well known for their ultrasonic vocalizations, they are actually incredibly quiet animals.

The sounds they emit for the purposes of echolocation are too high-pitched for human ears to detect, allowing them to hunt silently in the night and remain innocuous in residential areas.]

In fact, many people mistake the chirps and squeaks of birds and mice as bat sounds when the mammals can actually go undetected in attics and chimneys for extended periods.

Common Bat Sounds
Faint rustling is the noise most frequently produced by bat infestations and is the result of the creatures flying in and out of roost entrances.

Identifying Bat Presence

The best way to detect bat presence in the home is to look for other signs of infestation in conjunction with frequent rustling, such as:

  • Smudges: Smudge marks beneath roof overhangs.
  • Stains: Stains on ceilings and walls
  • Odor: Foul smells coming from the attic.

Bats can also be spotted leaving attics and chimneys at dusk to hunt for insects.

Bat Removal

Untrained individuals should never attempt to handle wild bats.

Health Risks
The creatures are capable of carrying rabies, other harmful diseases, and parasites.

Contact the Experts
Residents who detect bats in their home should contact the wildlife control experts at Western Pest.

Our team of trained professionals is well equipped to safely remove troublesome bats, sanitize infested areas, and safeguard homes against further infestations.

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