squirrel on a fence

Bird Seed Isn’t Just For Birds

Many homeowners enjoy placing bird seed inside feeders throughout their property in order to attract and feed birds throughout the area. Unfortunately, bird seed is doing more than attracting just birds.

“Those who complain of squirrel issues are often the ones feeding the birds.”
– Jerry Geraci, Mountainside, NJ Branch Manager

Squirrels are just as attracted to bird seed as birds, and they have the potential to cause harm to both your outdoor and indoor property, if given the chance.

Problems Caused by Squirrels

If you’re attracting squirrels to your home, your gardens may suffer and the likelihood of them coming indoors is higher.

Squirrels, if they find their way indoors, will cause significant damage and chew with purpose throughout the home.

If you’re experiencing heightened squirrel issues, it may be directly related to any bird seed you are providing along your outdoor property.

If you suspect that the issue is growing out-of-hand, be sure to contact a pest control professional.

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