ThermoZone Attic Insulation Program

Is Your Home Ready for Every Season?
As seasons change, energy bills across America begin to rise. In fact, Energy Star® has found that heating and cooling may account for up to half of the energy use in your home. It’s wise to consider maintenance options that help keep your home efficient – and your bills low – during every season.

Go Green. Stay Warm. Save Money.
Western’s TheromoZone® Attic Insulation Program is an environmentally responsible solution to help keep your home’s temperatures, pests and energy bills under control. Because ThermoZone® maintains a higher R-value than fiberglass insulation, it is better at keeping homes warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Let Western create peace of mind for you and your family through the following benefits:

  • Lowered energy bills. ThermoZone® users can experience energy bill savings of up to 30 percent. And, because the program has been awarded the U.S. government’s Energy Star®, many states and counties offer tax credits for this energy-efficient home upgrade.
  • Improved pest management. A fire-retardant insulation made from cellulose, ThermoZone® is the only insulation option treated with all-natural, EPA-approved boric acid to help control ants, cockroaches, silverfish and other insects.
  • Reduced noise disturbances. ThermoZone® protects your family from unwanted, outside noise through sound absorption.
  • Environmentally responsible. ThermoZone® is made from recycled newsprint, allowing you to insulate your home in an environmentally responsible way that is safe for your family and pets.

Benefits of Cellulose over Fiberglass Insulation:

  • Coverage – Batted fiberglass insulation is not recommended because it compresses easily and leaves voids and gaps when installed. Cellulose insulation covers better.
  • Fungal Growth – Fiberglass has poor resistance to mold and mildew.
  • Health Risks – Fiberglass is considered a carcinogen. Cellulose is safer to have in your home and around family.
  • Resistance to Cold – Fiberglass loses up to half its R-value at cold temperatures. Cellulose maintains a higher R-Value.

With Western’s ThermoZone® Attic Insulation Program, you go far beyond energy savings. So why wait? Call 800-768-6109 today to get started.

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