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Geese can make for an uncomfortable walk. We can help.

As a protected species, you have to be careful about how you control geese on your lawn. But, if you don’t take care of them, not only will you be wasting money on your landscaping, but their droppings are more than just unsightly. They are a health hazardous, a slip and fall liability issue, and can erode some of the toughest materials out there – including your concrete sidewalk.

Western knows the laws and regulations surrounding geese control. So, we use a simple, non-toxic deterrent to encourage them to move along.
  • We use a non-toxic product to deter geese from settling down on your lawn in the first place and to repel the ones out that are already there.
  • The product we use simply give the geese a belly ache and their natural instincts will remind them next time not to eat there.
  • Save time and money by having your trusted pest control company come out and put out a product they will not get used to.

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