Pest Control for Banquet & Catering Halls

Pests aren’t invited to your special events.

Why Western® for Banquet Hall Pest Control?

As you’re searching for the right pest control company for the banquet hall you manage, make sure you’re asking, “What else can you do for me?” That’s what sets Western apart. Your life will be made easier with our online customer portal that makes pest management simple – whether you manage 2 buildings or 200. Find trends, monitor the treatments we have applied, pay invoices, review reports, and create solutions at your convenience. And with our Board Certified Entomologists and 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, you can be sure we’re treating for the right pest based on expert identification and will stand behind our work until you’re satisfied. Our dedicated personnel are here to make sure you are satisfied – but you don’t have to pay until you are. You will have a main point of contact to make sure your catering hall is always running smoothly. To put it simply, we take care of all your pest issues so you always look good, your guests are always happy, and complaints are kept to a minimum. That’s the “more” you’ll get with Western.
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  • Will take care of indoor and outdoor pests
  • Scenting services to neutralize the smell in garbage areas
  • Can help preserve your reputation

Catering and banquet halls in our area are hosts to not only some of the best special occasions but can be a host to many kinds of insects. It doesn’t matter what the difference between a banquet and a catering hall is – you still have what many pests are looking for in your facility – food, shelter, and water and you can’t really remove it all. Flies, rats, and cockroaches will love your kitchen (especially the floor drain!) and of course your garbage area. Cockroaches love hiding among appliances like refrigerators. And we all know what just one bad review mentioning a mouse can do to your reputation. Not only can we provide the right pest control for your business, but we have a scenting service that can neutralize the odor coming from the dumpster and garbage areas. We can even do a full Western PurClean™ disinfectant treatment before and after events. You can hang a certificate in a prominent area, so guests know it’s safe to come inside. But don’t forget about the outside areas for pictures! We certainly won’t. With mosquito treatments and baits and even a geese control option, the photoshoots are safe with our pest management solutions.

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Because of all the different facets to your catering or banquet hall, your building can be susceptible to many kinds of pest pressures. Learn more about the most common pest that can threaten you, your guests, and your reputation:
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“We installed your Termite Defensive a number of years ago and have not seen even one termite since the system was installed.”

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