Commercial Bird Removal

Birds might look harmless, but they can cause serious issues for your business, from damage to the exterior of your building to full-blown health risks and customer endangerment.

Whether they’re perched on overhangs, roofs, warehouse rafters, or just flying nearby loading/unloading areas, they have the potential to cause serious damage. Birds on signs, ledges, and roofs send a message that your facility is dirty and may be unsafe in the eyes of your customers, which can lead to damaged reputation and public image.

To make sure that your business is functioning efficiently and remains bird-free, enlisting the help of a pest professional is critical, and is proven to lower maintenance costs and eliminate many of the risks birds can cause your business.

Bird removal is not something to take lightly. Health codes and regulations emphasize bird issues, with health risks topping the list of concerns. Exterior damage is another concern, as is contamination of products. Birds can even damage solar panels. Western offers humane bird removal and control to deter birds from nesting in your properties.

Western’s Expert Bird Control

Westerns’ commercial pest control team uses safe, ethical bird removal techniques to eradicate your bird problem.

  • Preventing access: We ID & block areas where birds perch and nest
  • Applying repellents: Low-impact materials discourage roosting
  • Trapping birds: We find birds in established nesting areas and relocate them
  • Cleaning and sterilizing: Then we return impacted areas to normal

Bird Signs

Aside from tell-tale piles of feathers, other signs can indicate that it’s time for bird removal:

  • Unsightly droppings
  • Related pests, such as ticks or lice
  • Corrosive building damage from uric acid
  • Nesting in the roof or rafters

Bird Dangers & Damage

Birds are beautiful in nature, but not when they cause damage to your business’ reputation, or worse:

  • Illnesses that endanger employee and customer health
  • Contamination of food and products
  • Damage from droppings and roosting
  • Failed inspections or audit risk
  • Damaged solar panels

Western Spotlight: Shannon Sked
We recently met up with our Specialty Services Manager, Shannon Sked, who revealed that some commercial customers do not understand the disease risk associated with birds.

What implications can birds cause to human health?

“One of the biggest needs for bird control throughout a facility lies in the potential for birds to spread harmful disease and illness. From bird flu to salmonella, birds can spread harmful diseases that may simultaneously harm a business’ reputation if an outbreak occurs,” he said.

Aside from the public health concerns that birds can cause, what type of damage can birds do to your facility itself?

“From exterior building corrosion to unsightly droppings, birds pose a number of risks to the structural foundation and appearance of your building.”

Some of those things include:

  • Material degradation: Bird droppings can accumulate and degrade the integrity of the building materials, even concrete.
  • Roof decay: Bird excrement, feathers and other debris may damage or clog rain drainage systems over time, leading to possible roof decay.
  • Aesthetic issues: Bird droppings pose an aesthetic issue for businesses. Because of the corrosive nature of bird droppings, it can quickly deface building finishes, as well as other structures like park benches, statues, cars, ledges and entryways.