Sniff out bed bugs.

Get the canine advantage with Western Pest Services

  • Inspects up to 125 rooms per day
  • Can detect even just one bed bug or bed bug egg
  • Offers the most reliable bed bug detection results available

As expert hiders, bed bugs are notoriously hard to detect. Luckily, their aggregate pheromone odors are not hidden to animals with sensitive noses, like dogs. Bed bug issues can be discovered quickly and accurately by the help of man’s best friend. Especially our dogs because our pups are trained daily using live bed bug scent and are even trained and evaluated with more frequency than the national scent detection standards! The Western Canine Bed Bug Detection Services are based on scientific research principles, allowing our dogs and handlers to deliver 95-98 percent effectiveness – the highest level validated – in detecting bed bugs at the time of inspection. With such highly trained dogs and trainers – and continuous training throughout the year – you can trust that our bed bug sniffing dogs will sniff out bed bugs early enough to save you money and reputation. You can also listen to our podcast to hear straight from two of our handlers about why our dogs are so effective.

k9 Chart
Our dogs can detect at the earliest introduction – way sooner than the naked eye. The chart shows how quickly a bed bug introduction can become a full-blown infestation. It also shows how few bed bugs there needs to be for our bed bug dogs to detect them. That can save you a lot of money in the long run. With recurring services, our canine teams can help identify new introductions before they turn into full-blown infestations, saving your brand and allowing for treatment early on in the infestation cycle.


All of our dogs were rescued from kill shelters. These pups received 600 hours of training before entering into the field, and our handlers have extensive field experience working with and managing canine behavior under real-life working conditions and in many different environments. They also continue to train almost every day to keep their noses up to snuff. But they are more than that. They are our trusted employees, and we love them. Meet the dogs:


Meet our newest member of the team, Nico. Hired in 2021, bed bug sniffing runs in his blood since both his mom and his dad worked in the industry, too. He recently passed all his tests and is officially ready for the big time.


Oliver is four years old and his favorite thing to do is to play with his doggie friends and his human sisters. His favorite treats are kibble treats but he doesn’t want to talk about bed time. Let’s just say he doesn’t love it.


Fidget was hired in 2018, and his favorite treat is crispy bacon. Fidget is all of us. He loves kids and other dogs but is NOT a fan of squirrels. He could use our exclusion services.


Lex has been with Western since 2018. When he’s not sniffing out bed bugs, his favorite thing to do is swimming, but if you throw any type of ball… he’s on it.


Raven has been with Western since 2017. Although she’s small in stature, she has super high endurance and energy. Unfortunately, an eye issue caused her to retire in 2022. Her favorite activity is wrestling with her best buds, Tess and Nico.


Tess started with Western in 2015 and retired on December 22, 2023, after a long, successful career. She’s actually a celebrity having rung the closing bell at the New York Stock Exchange.


Dixie was hired in 2011 and retired in 2017. Her favorite treats were pizza crust and carrots. She knew it was all about balance. We sadly lost Dixie in January 2021. She will be forever missed.

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