Commercial Cockroach Control

Commercial cockroach control is vital: roaches can cause big problems, from health concerns to unhappy customers. Carriers of disease, cockroaches also call into question your sanitation in the eyes of a client…or health inspector. That makes choosing an experienced commercial cockroach control partner a smart decision.

Western’s Expert Cockroach Control

Our technicians understand roach biology, and use that insight to implement smarter solutions. Then they work with you to develop protocols that prevent future cockroach control issues before they start.

  • Identifying the species: Different roaches require different treatments
  • Uncovering their source: Sanitation gaps, entry points, and even your neighbors can attract them
  • Implementing sanitation strategies: A clean, tight building helps prevent future problems

Cockroach Signs & Hiding Spots

  • Moist, cramped areas
  • Soiled areas or around spilled foods
  • Cracks or crevices of your building
  • Warehouses and storage areas

Cockroach Dangers & Damage

The greatest damage from letting commercial cockroach control slide could be your reputation.

  • Upset customers
  • Disease risk, including allergies and salmonella
  • Failed health inspections or sanitation shut-downs
  • Damaged stock and lost revenue