Exclusion Services

We’ll keep rodents and birds from getting inside your home.

We’ve been providing rodent, wildlife, bat, and bird exclusion services to our customers for years. That accumulated experience gives us the knowledge we need to make your home less inviting for bothersome pests. Long story short, we make it tough for them to get inside. Our exclusion services can save you big time in the long term by reducing cleanup costs associated with trapping, removing, and cleaning up critters. Whether we’re closing up potential entryways or installing discreet prevention measures, we have a solution for your home. We can even help you pay for it easier with the Western Payment Plan. Get details here. And don’t forget that cleanup from wildlife like this should be done by a professional as not to contaminate the air in your home. Let us help with our pest cleanup program.

  • Close Potential Entryways
  • Discreet Preventative Measures
  • Long-Term Savings on Cleaning and Maintenance
  • Entryway Monitoring
  • Humane, Professional Service


The damage invading wildlife cause can be costly. We’ll help escort the little critters out and close up potential entryways and, if necessary, install discreet prevention measures to make sure they don’t come back in. Beyond damage prevention, our wildlife exclusion services ensure that animals are out in their natural habitat, doing what they do best for us – helping the ecosystem.

Squirrels & Flying Squirrels

All types of squirrels help with forest renewal when the nuts or seeds they forgot about sprout and grow. But if they make their way into your attic, they can chew electrical wires, damage structural wood, and defecate into insulation. Having squirrel exclusions installed can help.


Some plants depend partly or wholly on bats to pollinate their flowers or spread their seeds, while other bats also help control pests by eating insects. On the other hand, the noise these nocturnal creatures make can keep your family up at night, not to mention the variety of bacteria, fungi, and viruses they can spread. Best to have bat exclusions installed.


Raccoons actually help keep your yard free of pests including small rodents and wasp larvae. They also have been known to tear holes in air ducts and even live within the HVAC system. That would be an expensive fix – may as well spend way less on raccoon exclusion services instead.


The birds will eat up the pests you don’t want: grasshoppers, beetles, crickets, and caterpillars. They also are nature’s cleanup crew (think vultures). But if they get into your attic, they leave droppings and urine that can weaken structures and cause odors. Having bird exclusions or deterrents installed will keep them out of your attic and in nature where they belong.

Groundhogs, Skunks & Voles

These furry friends truly help with insect control. Without their voracious appetites, the rodent and insect populations would explode. But besides the obvious issue with skunks, rodents like woodchucks and voles can chew through electrical wires causing a fire risk. You don’t need those pests inside the home and the risk they bring with them. Exclusion work will help keep groundhogs, skunks, and other critters out from under sheds, decks, and porches.

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