Scenting Program

Using the power of scent in your business

Why Western Scent Services

Foul odors can cause residents, customers, and employees to complain and attract pests to your business. Their sense of smell is so acute that even if you can’t smell it, flies, cockroaches, and rats certainly can. With our PurErase™ product, you can neutralize the air to take care of those odors.

There are also places in your business that may not smell like anything – but they could. According to many studies, customers have better, more positive memories of their experience in a scented business and will rate a brand to be more engaging, more memorable, more appealing, and even more meaningful. Add our PurScapes™ product to your business to create a pleasant scent people will associate with your business. Choose from two scent solutions:


Our PurErase™ product won’t just mask negative smells. It will neutralize the air to make it easier to breath and fresher to smell. The patented diffusion technology uses a commercial scent machine to emit a dry micro-mist that consists of natural and synthetic molecules that cling to the air and neutralize the bacteria in the air that can cause odors. It will completely erase the odors in trash areas, in restrooms where odors naturally occur, around dumpsters, in restaurants where fryers can fill the air with grease odors, in nail and beauty salons using products that are necessary but don’t smell good, in gyms and locker rooms that have obvious body odors, funeral homes, etc. Anywhere you’re looking to have a breath of fresh air.

Our PurScapes™ product will create a landscape of scents and a full experience where they may not have been before. You can choose from several different scents to fill the air in your space with essential oils and a soft aroma. You can use this product to take care of negative smells, but commercial scent marketing using a commercial scent diffuser can create happier customers who buy more and are emotionally connected to your brand. We can discretely place the units at the entrance of a retail store or even in changing rooms to create the mood you want your customers to have when they’re in your store. Luxury buildings like hotels and apartment buildings can help the people staying in the building come into a calming atmosphere by filling the air with a calming scent. This product works for all industries.

Why A Scenting Program?

More than any other sense, smell is the one that has the strongest connection to the center of our brain that regulates and controls emotions. Did you know that even compared to taste, hearing, or sight, we’re 100 times as likely to recall a smell? When it comes to enhancing emotion, evaluation, willingness to visit a store and purchase intention, scent has the strongest impact. Consider these facts and read on here for more:

Customers Stay 44% Longer

The American Marketing Association reports that people stay up to 44% longer in businesses that smell good.

45% More Revenue

At a Las Vegas casino, slot machines in a scented area generated 45% more revenue than machines in non-scented areas.

84% More Likely to Buy

One study reported shoppers were 84% more likely to buy a pair of shoes in a scented room – and would even pay more for them.

What Are Scenting Services for?

Scenting services are at their most basic definition, the use of aroma or scents to associate either a pleasant memory connection with your business or to just neutralize the smells in any given area. Depending on your business, a scenting service can be a marketing tool, a calming element, or even a revenue generator. Many hotels use scenting services in their lobbies – often using the same scent in all locations – to greet guests in the same way no matter what location you’re in. Many industries that have trash areas will utilize scenting services to truly neutralize the foul odors that these areas naturally create. Hospitals can use a specific scent that enhances calm to not only negate the “hospital smell” we are all used to, but to help create a calming atmosphere in a typically unsettling setting. So, scenting services are for whatever your industry needs them to be.
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