CO2 Rodent Control

Burrowing rat control with a modern twist.


It’s no secret rats can be difficult to control. They’re sneaky, opportunistic, and can reproduce quickly if you don’t identify and eradicate the rats both outside and inside the burrow. Once the burrow is found, knowing that the rats are in there during the day and hiding from people, CO2 (i.e., carbon dioxide) is a fool-proof way to take care of them. It’s just one of our many Integrated Pest Management strategies we can choose from to create your custom pest control plan. If CO2 rat control would help make that plan more successful, we can bring it to you.


When you call on Western Pest Services for rodent control, you get a customized program that will be the most successful at your business. Western is always innovating and striving to add modern services that are also effective. Just like you, we don’t rest on our heels. Rodent control isn’t just about control stations anymore. CO2 rodent control is just the next great method Western has added to their arsenal of rodent control choices.

5 Reasons to Choose Western CO2 Rodent Control

  1. Effective: Carbon dioxide as a rodent control device is incredibly effective. A single service can control a majority of the rat population.
  2. Safe: No pesticides left behind and eliminates secondary poisoning risks in other animals. No worry about trapping non-target animals.
  3. Quick: Treat the entire rat colony living in the burrow at the time of treatment quicky and efficiently. It will also take care of other rodents including groundhogs, moles, and voles.
  4. Diverse: As long as it’s outside, CO2 can be used in field settings and in grounds and landscaping around municipal, residential, and commercial buildings.
  5. Expertise: With Board Certified Entomologists backing up highly trained and certified technicians, Western goes beyond traditional pest control by always innovating and always adding better ways to deal with all pests – including rodents.
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“We installed your Termite Defensive a number of years ago and have not seen even one termite since the system was installed.”

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