Insulation Services

Keep your home energy efficient with our proven insulation programs.

  • Lowered Energy Bills
  • Improved Pest Management
  • Reduced Noise Disturbances
  • Healthier Air in Your Home

We have two insulation choices depending on what is best for your home and where the insulation will be installed. Our ThermoZone® Attic Insulation is an environmentally-responsible, blown-in cellulose that is treated with natural borates. Those borates help control pests – even eliminating some including ants, centipedes, cockroaches, crickets, millipedes, silverfish, stink bugs, and termites – and will actually freshen the air. It’s fire-retardant and is made from recycled materials.

Our crawl space insulation is a specially designed fiberglass wrapped in a unique plastic barrier that is mold and mildew resistant while still allowing the product to breathe. Both choices will keep your home warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer – putting less strain on your HVAC system and as a result, helping to lower your energy bills. We can even put less strain on your budget with our Western Payment Plan. And don’t forget that cleanup of insulation that has been contaminated by pests should be done by a professional so you don’t negatively affect the air in your home. Let us help with our pest cleanup program.

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“…we also decided to have new insulation and a mold inhibitor sprayed and a moisture barrier installed in our crawl space. Great price as well. I highly recommend Western Pest Services.”

Judith P.
Toms River, NJ