Commercial Fly Control

How Western Helps Get rid of Flies

No matter which fly you have, our Board Certified Entomologists know how to deal with them – and why fly treatments are so important. We know the audits food processing facilities have to go through and how a fly infestation can hurt your chances of passing them. We also have bioremediation services that will help with drain and fruit fly control. In addition, our scenting services can help neutralize the odors in your garbage areas that may be attracting the flies in the first place. Through our fly treatments and fly control products as well as educating you and your employees, together we can conquer fly control. Keep in mind that many people refer to flies as gnats so if you’re looking for gnat treatments or gnat control, you’re in the right spot.
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Problems Caused by Flies

Flies are filthy pests. Since they tend to congregate around garbage and bacteria-laden drains, they can pick up many kinds of bacteria. Wherever they land, they just contaminated that surface. Restaurants, bars – anywhere with drains and a soda gun – know how difficult flies can be. Healthcare, too, knows how dangerous flies can be. Most of the people in a hospital are already immune suppressed. They can’t afford to have the meal you’re delivering to be contaminated. In addition, the nurse’s station shouldn’t be waving flies away instead of focusing on their patients. Bring in a professional fly exterminator and don’t worry about any of that.
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