Commercial Fly Control & Abatement

Fly control problems may indicate bigger issues: sanitation gaps that attract flies can attract all manner of pests. Fast breeders, flies are a major health concern in food plants and restaurants. They can carry up to 100 pathogens and deposit feces when landing. Our commercial fly control experts devise long-term sanitation changes to keep flies away.

Western’s Expert Fly Control

Western’s commercial fly control is aggressive, delivered by experts with a deep understanding of the fly’s biology.

  • A complete sanitation audit: From drains to storage areas;
  • Fly control protocols: Preventative and sanitation procedures;
  • Ongoing monitoring: Detecting new fly issues fast.
  • Exclusion strategies: Light and mechanical traps, baits, and air doors.

Fly Signs

Flies have moved beyond the soup bowl, making their presence known in many ways:

  • Clusters near spilled sweets or unsealed liquids
  • Clogged drains, which are fly breeding sites
  • Presence of maggots or larvae
  • Additional pests, from roaches to ants

Fly Dangers & Damage

Fly control for restaurants should also remain a constant, mitigating poor reviews and potential food contamination.

  • Negative customer reviews
  • Unhappy employees
  • Transfer of E. coli, salmonella and bacteria
  • Risk factors for other pests

Fruit Flies Can Appear Anywhere

Fruit flies can be a major detriment to the reputation of a business due to their unsightly nature. For specific industries, fruit flies may be expected but never tolerated; plus, they can show up in a wide variety of environments. Proactive fruit fly control is a necessity, be it in the restaurant industry, food processing or the healthcare industry.

Fruit flies can linger through the winter if they get a stronghold.

How to Best Avoid Fruit Flies

  • Throw away over-ripe fruit.
  • Always use plastic bags in trash receptacles and be sure to throw away when full or in a timely manner.
  • Clean up any spills. Be sure to check for these routinely.
  • Those rooms with excess moisture or any decaying organic debris are much more susceptible to proliferating fruit fly populations.

Fruit flies can quickly become a large problem within a business, and the best way to prevent them is through diligent cleaning and moisture control maintenance throughout the facility. If you feel as though your problem is becoming unmanageable, contact a commercial fly control service provider immediately.