Moisture Control Services

Nobody wants water seeping into their basement or crawlspace. Keep it out with our VaporShield™ moisture control system.

When it comes to excess moisture, your home’s crawlspace or basement is at serious risk. Mold, mildew, rot, and decay can all affect the structural integrity of your home. Excess moisture can also attract bacteria and pests. The Western VaporShield™ Moisture Control System can control the humidity in your crawlspace — stopping wood decay at the source. We’re dedicated to providing an effective, environmentally safe process to protect your home.

  • Prevents Rot and Decay
  • Keeps Pests Out of Crawlspaces
  • Keeps Humidity Under Control
  • Environmentally Safe
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“…we also decided to have new insulation and a mold inhibitor sprayed and a moisture barrier installed in our crawl space. Great price as well. I highly recommend Western Pest Services.”

Judith P.
Toms River, NJ