Mosquito Control & Treatment

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Identifying Mosquitoes

Mosquitoes generally range in size from 1/8 to 3/4 inch, and there are 176 species in the U.S. Mosquitoes can be dark gray, brown or black in color and have slender bodies and legs. The adult female consumes blood through her long proboscis in order to produce eggs.

Mosquitoes leave irritating bites, but they are more than just a nuisance. In fact, mosquitoes are one of the world's deadliest pests. They can spread dangerous diseases such as West Nile virus, Eastern Equine Encephalitis, dengue fever, malaria, yellow fever, and pet heartworms.

  • Can spread disease to humans and pets
  • Leave irritating bites
  • Breed quickly
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How to Prevent Mosquitoes

Moisture is the largest attractant for mosquitoes, so eliminating any stagnant water on your property will help prevent your mosquito population from booming. In fact, it only takes a thimble-full of water for them to breed, and each female can lay up to 3,000 eggs in her lifetime. Make sure to clean your gutters frequently, avoid overgrown landscaping, and wear skin insect repellent when you spend time outdoors. And, of course, mosquito nets and insect screens will keep them out of your home.

How Western Helps

By the time you see a mosquito, you are already fighting an uphill battle against these pests. The Western Integrated Mosquito Reduction Service starts with a thorough inspection of your property, allowing us to create a detailed program customized to your specific needs. We'll combine habitat modification and the use of an adulticide and/or larvicide to help ensure your family stays safe —and unbothered — all summer long. You can also hear from our experts about how YOU should own your backyard – not mosquitoes.
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