Teachers on Front Line of School Pest Control

Teachers occupy numerous roles in our educational system, serving as mentors, guides, counselors, role models, and more. In some cases, they are also on the front lines of a school’s pest control strategy. Education and awareness are critical to successful pest management with limited materials, so letting teachers know what to watch out for can facilitate fast identification and remediation. Western is a partner to schools and districts throughout the Mid-Atlantic, and helps educate its partners on the many factors that can attract pests.

school pest control1 Teachers on Front Line of School Pest Control

Teachers are a first line of defense in school pest control.

From Your NY/North Jersey Commercial Pest Control Specialist: “It comes down to education and awareness. Teachers and students need to know what to look for.” – Mike Whalen, Commercial Regional Sales Manager, NY/North Jersey

Different pests exhibit different behaviors, and Integrated Pest Management depends on early identification and exclusion work that limits the use of pest control materials. Whalen recommends keeping an eye out for the following, and partnering with an experienced commercial pest control team that can address structural and other factors that help pests thrive:

  • Watch for bites on students, and teach educators what different pest bites look like
  • Inspect cubbies, lockers, and student storage areas, where pests can be tracked in from home
  • Remove candy and treats from drawers, which can attract ants, roaches, and other foragers
  • Regularly inspect the building exterior for possible pest entry points

Schools demand a smart approach to pest control. By finding an experienced school pest control partner and making vigilance a part of the school day, Integrated Pest Management techniques can be employed to keep pest problems to a minimum.