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ThermoZone® Attic Insulation Program

Skyrocketing energy prices continue to impact America's home heating bills each winter. Is your attic prepared with proper insulation?

The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) recommends increased R-Value levels for homes nationwide. If your current home insulation is not up to par - or if you're not sure - call Western. Western's ThermoZone® Attic Insulation Program can bring you up to DOE recommendations.

Certain states and counties may offer tax credits for energy-efficient home upgrades. Visit the DOE or Energy Star websites to learn more.

Western's ThermoZone® Attic Insulation Program can be installed in existing or new construction, pays for itself quickly in reduced energy costs and can become an important component of a total pest management program.

Make your home an energy efficient home. For more information, or to receive a FREE energy audit, call Western Pest Services today at
1-877-250-3857 or schedule an inspection online.


Get answers to commonly asked questions about the ThermoZone® Attic Insulation Program.

ThermoZoneĀ® attic insulation program