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Stink Bug Control Program

Program Overview

Stink bugs, although largely harmless, nonetheless come with a major drawback - namely the obnoxious odor that they emit when they sense danger or are crushed. While they do not bite, sting or cause damage to your home, the smell brought by these invaders can be very difficult to vacuum carefully!

Native to Asia and introduced near Allentown, PA in the mid-nineties, brown marmorated stink bugs are a growing problem throughout Western's area of operation. They are especially prevalent as fall turns to winter, and your home offers the warm, cozy environment they seek. First they hide within your insulated walls. They then creep inside as the temperature sinks, lingering on walls, in curtains or near sources of light.

Had enough? Western Pest Services' Stink Bug Control Program is designed to get stink bugs out and keep them out.


Stink Bug Control Details

The best form of stink bug reduction is prevention. Western's Stink Bug Control program consists of two phases that root out these persistent invaders and prevent them from returning.

Stink bug control program