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What Do Stink Bugs Smell Like?

What Does a Stink Bug Smell Like?

The pungent odor of a stink bug is similar to that of the cooking herb cilantro. Others might say it smells like sulfur and ammonia or rancid meat. However, some people are not sensitive to the scent and do not recognize it at all. The insect only produces the foul aroma when it feels threatened or if crushed.

Why Do Stink Bugs Stink?

Basic self-defense is what makes stink bugs stink. These pests have special glands on their bodies filled with a combination of chemicals. If it senses a threat, these substances spread into the exoskeleton and evaporate into the air, producing an acrid odor. The stink bug does this to discourage predators because they cannot sting or bite.

Preventing Stink Bugs

What do stink bugs smell like
The adult brown marmorated stink bug

In the late fall, stink bugs enter homes and businesses for warmth and protection. Unfortunately, they are a nuisance that can destroy house plants and landscaping. The pest is responsible for much of the damage to pear and apple trees in the Mid-Atlantic region. If you see large numbers of them indoors, you likely have an infestation.

Sealing cracks and keeping windows closed tightly may help prevent stink bugs from wandering inside. You can vacuum up the insects to remove them, but this may still cause them to release their stench. Call Western Pest Services to keep stink bugs out of your home or business and steer clear of that horrible smell.

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