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Category: Fleas

Flea and Tick Facts – Size, Lifespan, Appearance

They might be tiny, but ticks and fleas can greatly impact your health and safety outdoors. Our collection of flea information and tick facts is here to help you identify pests on your property for peace of mind all year long. Look through our image gallery to check out different tick species in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, New York, Connecticut, and Delaware, or read about look-alike pests to pinpoint the true cause of an infestation.

Ticks and fleas thrive when they are unseen and unnoticed. The Western team created this flea and tick information guide to give people crucial facts about their habits and habitats. Knowing where ticks and fleas live, how they get inside, and what attracts them leaves these pests nowhere to hide.

Keeping your family, employees, and pets safe during flea and tick season starts with preparation. Stay ahead of the curve by learning about tick-borne diseases or reading up on methods to deter bites. If you would like more information about flea and tick prevention or control, contact Western Pest Services for a free inspection.

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