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How Long Do Flies Live?

Fly Lifespan

How long do flies live outside? The lifespan of a fly is relatively short – especially outside. The most common species found in homes and businesses include house, fruit, and drain flies. Each one prefers different environments which determine where they lay eggs and develop. Though they don’t live long, flies reproduce quickly, making infestations a hard issue to tackle.
Picture of Cluster Fly how long do flies live fly lifespan and lifespan of a fly

Fly Life Cycle

Females can deposit more than a hundred eggs at a time, usually in soil or food sources such as fermenting fruits or other decaying matter. Hatching can take several hours to a few days, depending on the species. Larvae emerge and feed until they move to a drier location to pupate. Once mature, flies are ready to mate within a couple of days.

How Long Do Flies Live?

The length of their life cycle depends on where the flies are. These pests live longer as adults in cooler places, but breed faster in warmer climates. Unfortunately, the typical home or business provides the perfect living conditions for these insects. So how long do flies live indoors (translation: how long do flies live in my house!)? On average, a fly can live two to three weeks.

Problems with Flies

The rapid growth in a fly lifespan means there can be multiple generations living in your kitchen or buzzing around dumpsters. Even if the adults die off, the eggs remain. To be safe, keep produce in a sealed container or refrigerated, and don’t let compost or garbage accumulate. If you have a fly problem, call or contact the experts at Western Pest Services.

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