Bed Bug Pro365™ Proactive Treatment

The ground-breaking proactive bed bug treatment plan

Get proactive in your approach. Bed bug infestations cause reputation damage, expensive remediation efforts and, in some cases, even litigation. With the Western Bed Bug Pro365™ bed bug treatment, you’ll add peace-of-mind and budget predictability to your bed bug plan. This proactive treatment paired with regular monitoring make it far less likely for bed bug introductions to become infestations – meaning Western will knock out your issue before it becomes a problem for your business and bottom line.

  • Helps prevent a bed bug introduction from becoming an infestation
  • Reduces out-of-service time for rooms needing bed bug treatment
  • Minimizes soft goods replacement
  • Prevents reputation damage from bed bug sightings
  • Offers consistent budgeting for bed bug service
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"We have used Western Pest for years and have always had quality service. When we called for a specific problem, we had it resolved within 24hrs, almost every time. We would highly recommend Western for anyone looking for a service that is reliable and timely."

James H.
Randolph, NJ